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Hot Shots Matchplay

Competition pathway


Match Play is a program designed to give children aged 5 -12 the opportunity to transition from learning the game to playing matches in a fun environment. From the beginner tennis player, who can bounce and hit the ball over the net to the more advanced player who can play full court, Hot Shots Match Play is the perfect pathway to club tennis.

There will be three competition categories that cater for players of different standards:

Red Ball – Age 5 to 8, Orange Ball – Age 7 to 10, Green Ball – Age 9 to 11.

Tennis Hot Shots Match Play:

  • uses modified courts and equipment to suit your child’s age and skill level.

  • is time friendly (30 minutes) with defined start and finish times

  • has shortened match format which allows the kids to play more matches.

  • provides the opportunity for kids to play both singles and doubles.

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