Groups & Squads

Junior Development Squad
Open Age (upon completion of green ball stage)
60-minute lesson

This squad is open to all ages however is based upon those players who are keen on advancing their progression in competition tennis. All pupils in this squad have developed a solid technique, good tactical awareness and are being introduced into building a tennis specific fitness base, mental training and match specific situations.

Junior Squad
Open Age
90-minute lesson

This squad is also open to all ages however is appropriate for players who are keen on taking their game to the next level within a competition standard. In this squad all players focus on more than just improving technique but also develop a weapon, point by point routine and a tennis-specific fitness base all within high-intensity drills and match play scenarios.

Advanced Squad
15 + (standard based)
90 minute lesson

Open to all ages for those players that are totally committed to their tennis and want to further improve their competition tennis and take the next step into tournament play. All areas of training are covered to continue to improve every aspect of a player’s game. Specific focus on reducing the gap between strengths and weaknesses, mental toughness and developing an ability to recognize and counteract any variables happening during a match situation are worked on. This is delivered via high intensity sessions including drills and match play.