Andrew Marshall

Owner & Director

Founder and Director of Pro Touch Tennis Academy, Andrew has over 25 years of coaching and playing experience. Andrew is a Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach and has developed and implemented a progressive coaching program and pathways structure that introduces, develops and progresses players of all ages and abilities. Andrew has a real passion to help people of all ages both on and off the court and over the years, Andrew has worked with and developed players from beginnings to elite, including numerous Australian ranked players through to ATP internationally ranked players. Andrew spends time to ensure that his knowledge is up-to-date consistently and works together with the team of coach at PTTA to ensure this knowledge and understanding is taught across the board.

Andrew still gets out on court and plays a high level within WDTA and also Tennis Vic Pennant!

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Kelsey Bail

Director of Coaching & Schools Coordinator

Kelsey is the Director of Coaching/Coach leader at PTTA and is a qualified Tennis Australia Junior Development coach with more than 10 years coaching experience. She has had experience coaching Tennis Australia Super 10s team and specialises in the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots pathway and group lessons. Kelsey still currently competes both in local association competition and AMT tournaments with numerous years of playing experience at both local and national level, achieving a top 200 Australian ranking throughout her career. Kelsey has also completed her Physical Education teaching degree.  Kelsey’s passion and love for tennis is evident with every student she coaches – kinder kids to adults – and she provides all players that come through PTTA the confidence, skills and knowledge to get the best out of themselves both on and off the court!


William Blick

Senior Coach

William Blick is a Senior Coach and a very valuable member of the PTTA team. William is a Tennis Australia qualified Junior Development Coach with over 12 years of coaching experience. William has phenomenal knowledge and understanding of tennis technique and tactics and uses this within both juniors (Kinder Kids, Hot Shots) and also senior/adult coaching in both group and private lessons. He has a passion for tennis coaching and loves seeing all his students develop and improve their tennis. Second only to Will’s love of tennis is his passion for animation. Will is a keen animator and next time you get the chance, ask him to show you some of his amazing work!⁣


William Jenkins

Senior Coach

Will Jenkins is a Senior Coach at PTTA who has been coaching since 2014. Will is a Tennis Australia Junior Development Coach and has completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. He is a qualified personal trainer and has recently completed his Masters Degree in Nutrition. With his extensive knowledge, Will also heads up our Fitness and Nutrition program at PTTA.⁣
⁣His passion and energy that he brings to every lesson from our kinder kids through to private lessons engages all his students to get the best out of themselves. ⁣⁣
Will still loves to get out on court and currently plays a high level both in the local association competition and also in Tennis Victoria Pennant


Correy Bail

Senior Coach

Correy is a Senior Coach at Pro Touch Tennis Academy. As soon as he could walk, he had a racquet in his hand and made the progression into coaching in 2016. Correy coaches all age groups and standards and is welcoming, fun, very positive and encouraging which makes him a huge hit with everyone he coaches!! Correy does an exceptional job to ensure his students become not only the best they can be on the court but enables them to have a real love of the game and gives them the same opportunities he had growing up on the tennis court.⁣


Ash Dark

Hot Shots Coach

Ash D has been a part of PTTA for over 10 years as a student and joined the coaching team in 2018! Ash has a thorough understanding of PTTA’s program and he still currently has lessons from director Andrew Marshall and competes for East Croydon Tennis Club! From the moment Ash steps onto the coaching court his energy, love and passion for tennis is evident and this is passed on to his students. Ash’s knowledge and fun personality makes him the perfect coach for our Hot Shots students!⁣⁣