Pro Touch Tennis Academy Fitness Sessions

Fitness sessions will be run three times per week:

  • Holy Saviour Tennis Club - Mondays 7:15 pm

  • Miller Park Tennis Club - Wednesdays 7:30 pm

  • East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club - Friday 6:15 pm

  • Weekly sessions will focus on a different aspect of fitness each week. The fitness aspects will include: power, speed, agility, footwork, plyometrics, balance, endurance and cardiovascular endurance/power.


Fitness testing

If you want to get serious about your fitness and tennis performance, it is important to continue to improve. This is why we are also offering fitness testing to help you keep track of your improvements over time. We will test many aspects of your fitness related to tennis performance to give you an idea of your baseline fitness. Then after a few months of training with us at PTTA you can get tested again to see the improvements you have made in your fitness! 


To enquire about a nutrition session, please contact Will on 0430 001 719