Pro Touch Tennis Academy


PTTA are now offering fitness and nutrition services to help you improve your tennis game and tennis performance, as well as your all-round general health!

The importance of technique and skill for tennis for performance on game day cannot be over-stated. But sometimes this means we forget about the importance of fitness in our tennis performance. So, PTTA are offering fitness sessions specifically designed to improve your tennis fitness and tennis performance. We will help you improve your fitness and strength for tennis, so you can perform at your best and outlast your opponents on game day!

Nutrition is such an important part of fitness and health, it’s important to make sure we don’t forget about it for our sport performance. We have an Accredited Practicing Dietitian on our team who will work with you to tailor specific diet changes that suit you and your lifestyle. Whether you want to slim down or increase your muscle and strength, we can help you out. The in-depth and extensive nutrition knowledge of our Accredited Practicing Dietitian can also give you tips to make sure you are optimally fuelled and hydrated for match day!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 0402 290 454 or via email at